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For family historians, these death notices contain extremely valuable information on members of the deceased’s family and their relationships to each other.

Printed funeral notices are invaluable sources of information about family relations. The huge collection of the Hungarian National Library spanning from 1840 to 1990 is now available for browsing on the website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

From the opening page choose Europe → Hungary → Hungary Funeral Notices → Browse... You can select the starting letter of a name and then browse through the collection. It’s quite tedious.

One of our members established a database of obituaries which can be searched much more easily and faster than that of the LDS by creating subdivisions and thus smaller groups of documents to search.
The database has also been extended by the addition of new material. This is the Unitarian Death Notice Collection. This can be accessed from the Search page by clicking on a separate link.

These were sent by researchers and are not available in the collection of the National Szechenyi Library.
If you wish to add data, please use the attached template .

Additionally, all foreign language death notices have been translated into Hungarian and there is a link from the database directly to the deatch notices themselves. This continuously extended database has now been made public.

Death notices published in the newspaper “Háromszék” are now available through the website of the Transylvanian Genealogical Society.



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