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'A nation is made up by individual families, And there is hardly any family which would not have at least one member that, for one reason or another, deserves mentioning. So it is worth to know the tree yielding this crop.'

Iván Nagy (1824 - 1898, Hungarian genealogist, heraldist, historian. His book
'The families of Hungary' is one of the most influential works in family research.)

Internet wanderer! If you come to this website accidentally, leave as fast as possible, before it is too late! For once you get involved in family research, there is no escape any more. Once you open the tinted pages of a 300-hundred year old Registry Book, whiff that idiosyncratic smell of old folios, try to decipher those hardly legible scribbles and slowly unfold, in your mind's eye, the scenery of old villages and the life of your ancestors, well, you will come to recognise what huge and widespread roots bind you to the land, on which your predecessors lived and died.

You will also get into a strange family: that of family researchers. It is a very peculiar bunch of people, and you will soon become one of them. Among these people, even the word 'time' will gain a new meaning. Once you become obsessed with research, you will tend to put other things, which you earlier thought were of prime importance, aside. Consumerism also becomes less important. The only thing you will really need, and the one that you would not regret paying any sum for, is time. The more you learn about your ancestors, the more you want to know about them.

Your notion about the 'world' will be reinterpreted from a new personal aspect. You will realize that history is not simply what you learnt about it from school books. History is the physical and spiritual environment in which successive generations of your family lived. Great-great-great grandparents and other relatives, long deceased and, sometimes, long forgotten, will be resurrected in your mind. Your place in the world will become more solid and better defined.




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