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The continuous exchange of views, ideas and information is crucial for the efficient operation of the Society. Foreigners are welcome to contribute, alas our correspondence runs mostly in Hungarian.
You may send your comments or questions in English or German though: most of our members understand or speak these languages.
Currently three Forums are operated in co-operation with Hungarian Society for Family History Research (MACSE):
Family History Forum
- an upgrade version of the former RADIX forum
Access by registration.
The forum is open only for registered members.
Membership is not restircted.
No thematic restrictions.
Attachments can be uploaded in jpg, jpeg, gif, png format.
Group e-mail: csaladtortenet@levlista.theka.hu
The Society’s correpondence forum
– a topical forum for family researchers
Available for the general public, but comments can be sent only by registered members.
Correspondence is arranged by topics.
Group e-mail: forummacse@gmail.com
Society members correspondence forum
Available only for the members of the Hungarian Society for Family History Research (MACSE)
Group e-mail: macse@googlegroups.com



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