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Relevant Hungarian Laws
§ACT IV of 1959Civil Code (1959, amended)
§ACT II. of 1989on the Right of Association
§ACT LXIII of 1992on the Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Data of Public Interest (32. § )
§Act LXVI of 1995on Public Records, Public Archives, and the Protection of Private Archives (24. §)
§ACT CLVI of 1997on Public Benefit Organisations
§Act C of 2000on Accounting (HU)
§Act CVIII of 2001on Certain Aspects of Electronic Commerce and Information Society Services
§Act C of 2003on Electronic Communication (HU)
§Act L of 2003on the National Civilian Programme (HU)
§Act CXL of 2004on General Rules of Administrative Procedures
§Act I of 2010on Birth, Marriage and Death Registration (HU) (79. § )
§Act CXLVIII of 2010on the effective date of Act I of 2010 (HU) (257. §)
§Act CXI. Law of 2011proof of the fundamental rights of one
§Act CXII of 2011on Informational Self-Determination and Freedom of Information
§Act CLXVI of 2011Amendment of Act I 2010 (72 §)
§Act CLXXV of 2011on the Right of Association, Non-profit Status, and the Operation and Funding of Civil Organisations (HU)
§Act CLXXXI of 2011on the Court Registration of Civil Society Organisations and Related Rules of Proceeding (HU)
RDecree 17 of 1982on Birth, Marriage and Death Registration, Marriage Procedures and Name Bearing Rules (HU)
RDecree 6/1989. (VI. 8.) / Ministry of Justiceon the Registration of Public Organisations (HU)
RDecree 224/2000. (XII. 19.) / Governmenton Certain Accounting Regulations (HU)
RDecree 6/2003. (III. 7.) / Ministry of Interioron Birth, Marriage and Death Registration, Marriage Procedures and Name Bearing Rules (HU)
RDecree 12/2006. (XII. 18.) / Ministry of
Local Governments and Regional Development
on the Filing Rules of Local Councils (HU)

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