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Information on the establishment of membership

Dear Interested Party!

Welcome on the occasion that you are considering joining our association!

Before making your decision, please read the MACSE Statutes and Data Protection Policy. If you agree with them, we recommend the following brochure to help you choose the membership form.

When joining our association, you can choose between two forms of membership, full and associate.

Full members are required to actively participate in the activities of the association, in addition to paying membership fees. You may vote, hold office. You are entitled to use our databases. Pay membership fees for the calendar year. (Those who join in the second half of the year pay half the membership fee.)

You can become actively involved in association activities by taking on the following responsibilities:

  • indexing (entering civil data into an Excel spreadsheet);
  • Collecting/loading other elements of our database with your own data (e.g. family tree, memorial, millers, gravestone, tableau);
  • maintaining the information on the website, sending updates;
  • expanding the collection of links;
  • creating, expanding or updating research aids;
  • participation in the organisation and implementation of programmes and lectures;
  • producing reports, photos/videos of presentations and events;
  • writing articles for the electronic journal Matrikula or for our Family History blog,
  • programming, system administration (IT)
  • or other individual assignments are welcome.

If you feel that you need more information or a personalised meeting to take on this task, please indicate this in the application for admission as a full member.

We are aware of the fact that everyday tasks and life situations may temporarily or permanently prevent members from participating in the life and work of the association. For these people, we offer the form of associate membership.

Associate membership support serves to achieve the aims of the association and cannot be less than the membership fee. Associate members do not have voting rights and cannot be elected to office, but may participate in Association events. You can log in to the various forums of the association (mailing list, Facebook page, Facebook group, Forum, etc.), post comments, raise new topics. The MACSE offers its members 365 (366) days of access to databases accessible only to members of the association. After 365 (366) days, the associate membership will be terminated, but will be revived by the payment of a new subscription. An Associate Member is not expected to participate in the work of the Association, but is welcome to get involved if they wish. You can also contribute to the association's goals by submitting your own results and uploading your research data to the association's database.

Please note that our association does not provide research or consultancy services.

Process of entry procedure

  1. If you have read the above information and would like to become a member of the association, please fill in the Application Form!
  2. Click on the Submit button at the bottom of the application form. (The system will send an error message if there is an error while filling in the form. In this case, you can repeat the completion with the correct data.)
  3. The system will accept the form filled in with the correct data and automatically send it to you in PDF format. To confirm your intention to enter, please scan/photograph the declaration and send it to the e-mail address from which you received it.
  4. Please keep the signed Application Form for the entire duration of your membership!

Membership will take effect once your membership application has been approved by the Board and the fee for the current year has been received (we will send you payment information). At that time, we will notify you and send you your membership number and temporary password. When the applicant becomes a member, his/her name will appear on the website as a member. You will be able to print out your membership card.  

Thank you for your interest in the Hungarian Society for Family History Research!  

Sincerely: MACSE Board

 Membership Application 

  1. The cancellation of your membership in MACSE can be requested via the Exit Form. Your membership will cease on the date of receipt, of which we will send a confirmation to your e-mail address.
  2. As stipulated in our Constitution, the Board may decide to suspend or cancel an individual’s membership if s/he fails to pay his/her membership fee. Should the Board decide on suspension or cancellation, the Member will be notified of such a decision and, simultaneously, the name of the Member will be deleted from the membership list published on our website.
 Exit Form 


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