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How to become a member; conditions of membership
  1. In theory, first you should read our Statutes and the Data Protection Rules, the former, however, currently available only in Hungarian language. If you wish to receive an English translation of this text, we can recommend reliable translators to do the job.
  2. If you are satisfied that these documents follow international standards and contain nothing that would be harmful or detrimental to you in any way, please fill in the Membership Application form.
    Regular (instant) members: is to be take part in society-life of MACSE and the fee is for every calendar year, to pay at the beginning of year.
    Supporting members (suitable for not Hungarian citisiens): paying single donation (not less then fee) are garanteed from the day of payment during 365 days with 365 enterings in databases (but it is allowed to pay for renewing for another 365 days).
  3. Click on the “Print” button! If the form is not filled in properly, you will receive an error message and a request to repeat the application.
  4. When you click on the “Send/Print” button, your application will be automatically sent to the Society. Simultaneously, you can print it out. To confirm your intention of becoming a member, please sign the printout, scan it and send it as attachment to the e-mail address as printed on the form. You can also send the signed form by mail to our postal address.
  5. Please also send us your photograph if you wish to be listed in our Members’ photo gallery.
  6. Once the signed application has arrived to the Society we shall send a confirmation to you. Please keep a copy of your signed Application form for your records.
Your membership becomes valid after your membership application is accepted by the Board and your annual membership fee is paid (please see payment instructions). Upon admittance you will be notified about your membership number. When you become a member with full rights your name will also appear among our members on the web site.
You will receive a membership card either at the first personal contact (at a meeting, club night etc.) or, if requested so, by postal delivery.

 Membership Application 

  1. Cancellation of membership of MACSE can be requested on an Exit Form. Membership will cease on the date of receipt of which we will send a confirmation to the member’s e-mail address.
  2. According to our Statutes the Board may decide to suspend or cancel membership if a member fails to pay his or her membership fee to MACSE. Should the Board decide on suspension or cancellation, the Member will be notified of such a decision and, simultaneously, the name of the Member will be deleted from the membership list published on the web site.
 Exit Form 


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