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 Regular member933 
 Eternal member14 
 Honorary member
 Supporting member842 
 Total 1792 
 Date  25.10.2021

 Annual membership fee 

5000 HUF or
30 USD or 20 EUR
for a calendar year


Member Registry
Membership – registration and maintenance - is administered by our Treasurer. Please, contact her with your inquiries, application, payment or if any of your registration data has changed.
Click on this to send an email to the Membership Secretary.

Membership card
You can print the card on an A4 sheet both in colour or B/W. Once printed he card should be folded in half and placed in a standard ID card holder.

To download and print the membership card, please click on this link.
  • For new members the printing option is available once the registration number has been received and activated,
  • In case of renewed membership the printing option is available once the annual membership fee has been transferred and receipt acknowledged.

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 IMPORTANT!  If your registration data has changed please inform the Membership Secretary.
 Membership data modification
Forgotten membership data (we will send you an email)
Email address:  



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