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Officials of the Association from May. 06, 2023
Ilona Ari Ilona Ari


Zsuzsanna Kónya Zsuzsanna Kónya


Péter Kriston Péter Kriston
Member of the Board


Gáspár Péchy Gáspár Péchy
Member of the Board


András Hajas András Hajas Dr.
Chairman of the Supervisory Board


Andor Sándor Lakatos Andor Sándor Lakatos
Vice President 


László Poór László Poór
Member of the Board


Rita  Marietta Mozol Dr. Rita Marietta Mozol Dr.
Member of the Board


Ilona Szigetiné Zékány Ilona Szigetiné Zékány
Member of the Board


György Négyesi György Négyesi
Member of the Supervisory Board


Judit Gelei Judit Gelei


Péter Fábry-Ivicz dr. Péter Fábry-Ivicz dr.
Member of the Board


Fédra Olesiák Fédra Olesiák
Member of the Board


Ferenc Zotter Ferenc Zotter
Member of the Board


Csaba Reisz T. Csaba Reisz T.
Member of the Supervisory Board


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