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 Names of diseases 
 Bygone words 
 Military terms 
  - Croatian 
  - Latin 
  - German 
  - Serbian 
  - Slovakian 
 Knowledge base 
These research accessories are to help mainly Hungarian-speakers. Of course, our thesauri and other tools cannot compete with those compiled by professionals, but they provide a fast and easy access to information needed most frequently for family history research.
  • Names of diseases – a compilation of Latin and Hungarian names of “cause of death” noted in Death Registers before 1895.
  • Bibliography – offers such book collections that could be helpful for researchers: ie. local history, genealogy etc..
  • Bygone words – explanation to words and expressions found frequently in old documents.
  • Occupations – a compilation of occupations noted in old registers.
  • Military terms – explanation of words and expressions used in documents before 1895
  • Microfilm – a list of registration microfilms downloaded by individuals who are ready to share information with others
  • Acronyms – a compilation of acronyms of Latin words with Hungarian and German translations
  • The Literature is in two parts:
  • Virtual publications, these are those books, magazines in our researchers’ possession, which can be suggested for our reserachers’ use. These publications can be databases, family histories, archantologies of an era or region, etc. Some of the books above are available as CDs or DVD’s. Our fellow owners will provide assistance to anyone who contacts them.
  • Digital books, which are downloadable.
  • Software – a list of special software designed to help family research
  • Dictionaries – translation of frequent Croatian, Latin, German, Serbian and Slovakian words in pre-1895 registries
  • Knowledge base, here you can find explanations for family history specific questions (names, marriages, landowners, nobility, church, land registry etc.)



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