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genealogyblog – Geneanet

Are You Related To Felicity Huffman?

2020. december 1., kedd 11:34:46

Huffman was born on December 9, 1962 in Bedford, New York, into a wealthy family, the daughter of Grace Valle (née Ewing; 1921–2009) and Moore Peters Huffman (1910–1987), a banker and partner at Morgan Stanley. Her parents divorced a year after her birth, and she was raised by both of them. When Huffman was a young teenager, she discovered that her biological father was Roger Tallman Maher, who was a family friend.

He has found his Italian family thanks to Geneanet DNA

2020. december 1., kedd 7:17:16

Since its launch in the beginning of the year, Geneanet DNA allowed many users to make great discoveries and to go further in their genealogy research. Today, we can read a testimony from Renaud, a Geneanet member who could grow his Sicilian branch thanks to an unexpected DNA match.

Save our Graves : Pictures added on Geneanet in November 2020

2020. november 30., hétfő 21:34:09

Because cemeteries are one of the most important resources for genealogists, Geneanet has launched the project ‘Save our Graves’ to capture graves before they are lost.

Geneanet: New List of Possible Duplicates and Improved GEDCOM File Export

2020. november 30., hétfő 0:00:00

A new list of possible duplicate persons in your family tree has been added to Geneanet, and the GEDCOM export of a branch from your family tree has been improved.

Bray Military Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. november 25., szerda 0:00:12

The cemetery was begun in April 1916 by fighting units and field ambulances. In September 1916, the front line having been pushed further east, it was used by the XIV Corps Main Dressing Station and in 1917, the 5th, 38th and 48th Casualty Clearing Stations came forward and used it.

Are You Related To Goldie Hawn?

2020. november 18., szerda 0:46:39

Hawn was born on November 21, 1945, in Washington, D.C., the daughter of Laura (née Steinhoff; November 27, 1913 – November 27, 1993), a jewelry shop/dance school owner, and Edward Rutledge Hawn (September 28, 1908 – June 7, 1982), a band musician who played at major events in Washington.

New Geneanet Collection: Index to Passenger Lists of Vessels Arriving at Baltimore, 1820-97 (with images)

2020. november 16., hétfő 10:43:13

The Index to passenger lists of vessels arriving at Baltimore, 1820-97 (with images) is now available on Geneanet.

Some New Geneanet DNA Options

2020. november 16., hétfő 0:00:42

Geneanet DNA is still getting improved to offer you some tools to help you going further in your genealogy research. Some days ago we have added the haplogroups and now we have added some new options for your DNA matches!

Bray Hill British Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. november 15., vasárnap 0:00:36

Bray-sur-Somme fell into German hands in March 1918, but it was retaken by the 40th Australian Battalion on the following 24 August. Bray Hill British Cemetery was made on 31 August 1918, by the 58th (London) Division, which had taken part in the advance from Corbie.

New Geneanet Collection: New Jersey Death Index 2001-2017

2020. november 10., kedd 11:27:16

A free searchable database of 1,275,833 deaths in the state of New Jersey between 2001-2017 is now available on Geneanet.

Bray Vale British Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. november 5., csütörtök 0:00:37

Bray-sur-Somme fell into German hands in March 1918, but it was retaken by the 40th Australian Battalion on the following 24 August.

Participate in the Indexing of the Canadian WWI Personal Records

2020. november 4., szerda 0:00:00

Participate in the indexing of Canadian World War I personal records, from November 5, 2020 until November 15, 2020.

Are You Related To Ellen Pompeo?

2020. november 3., kedd 1:00:00

Ellen Kathleen Pompeo was born in Everett, Massachusetts, on November 10, 1969, the daughter of Joseph Pompeo and Kathleen Pompeo.

440,000 Old Postcards Available for Free on Geneanet!

2020. október 26., hétfő 0:00:00

Did you know that you can share your old postcards on Geneanet? Thanks to the Geneanet members, almost 440,000 postcards are available for free!

Bazentin-Le-Petit Communal Cemetery Extension, Bazentin, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. október 25., vasárnap 1:00:52

Bazentin was in German hands until 14 July 1916 when the 3rd and 7th Divisions captured the two villages (and the communal cemetery) and held them against counter-attacks, and the 21st Division captured Bazentin-le-Petit Wood.

Are You Related To Emma Stone?

2020. október 23., péntek 13:07:00

The recipient of several accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and a Golden Globe Award, she was the world's highest-paid actress in 2017. Stone has appeared in Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2013 and in 2017, she was named by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Participate in The Indexation of The Wyoming Death Index

2020. október 20., kedd 9:41:41

Genealogy is based on sharing and we propose to participate in the collaborative indexing of the Wyoming, USA, Death Index so it will be searchable by all Geneanet members.

Bazentin-le-Petit Military Cemetery, Bazentin, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. október 15., csütörtök 1:00:32

Bazentin was in German hands until 14 July 1916 when the 3rd and 7th Divisions captured the two villages (and the communal cemetery) and held them against counter-attacks, and the 21st Division captured Bazentin-le-Petit Wood.

Upload a Genealogical Index to Geneanet

2020. október 14., szerda 10:00:58

You want to collaborate and to share your indexing works with as many people as possible? This page is for you!

Are You Related To Emilia Clarke?

2020. október 14., szerda 2:00:00

Emilia Isobel Euphemia Rose Clarke was born on 23 October 1986 in London. She grew up in Oxfordshire. Her father was a theatre sound engineer from Wolverhampton, while her mother is the vice-president for marketing at a global management consultancy firm.

Library of Congress Acquires Archives of the National Woman’s Party

2020. október 12., hétfő 16:17:24

The donation, timed to the centennial of the 19th Amendment, doubles the library’s holdings relating to the party, which fought for women’s suffrage and the Equal Rights Amendment.

‘I Wasn’t Nervous about Discovering Anything Uncomfortable’: Jodie Whittaker on Unravelling Family History on Who Do You Think You Are?

2020. október 12., hétfő 16:16:03

BBC One's Who Do You Think You Are? is opening up the world of history to a whole new audience - with a little help from some prominent celebrity names.

Murderer’s Name Etched Into Gravestone of Wilmington, North Carolina, Woman He Killed in 1886

2020. október 12., hétfő 16:14:02

Lizzie Turlington was a promising leader in North Carolina's deaf mute community in 1886 when she was murdered in the woods outside of Raleigh.

Historians to Digitize Endangered Peruvian Archive

2020. október 12., hétfő 16:11:35

For years, the historical papers of a Peruvian peasants’ rights group sat heaped in piles on the floor of a house in downtown Lima — threatened by pests, political foes, thieves and natural disasters, but largely off limits to scholars and the public.

War of 1812 Soldier’s Remains Unearthed in Burlington, Vermont

2020. október 7., szerda 14:12:14

Human remains discovered in Burlington have been identified as some of Vermont’s first war veterans.

Untold Story of Female Viking with Scottish Ancestry Brought to Life

2020. október 7., szerda 14:10:33

An Taistealaiche/The Far Traveller looks at the life of Gudridur Thorbjarnardottir, the granddaughter of a slave in Scotland.

Nearly 1,000 Idahoans Died Alone and Were Buried in a Forgotten Cemetery, Here’s How You Can Help Remember Them

2020. október 7., szerda 14:08:44

On the outskirts of Blackfoot, down Cromwell Lane, is a small cemetery that’s largely been forgotten.

Did you Know That Stephen Colbert Has 94% Irish Roots?

2020. október 7., szerda 14:06:49

What sort of family tree produces this Late Show host? Genealogical expert Megan Smolenyak shows that Stephen Colbert's roots are almost completely Irish.

‘It’s our Job To Help’: The Genealogists Tracking Down Missing People After Devastating Fires

2020. október 7., szerda 14:05:08

The experts known as ‘search angels’ have helped to reunite nearly 250 people and bring closure to those who need it.

New on Geneanet DNA: View your Haplogroups!

2020. október 6., kedd 11:20:12

After the DNA matches' levels of accuracy, a new feature has been added to Geneanet DNA: the display of haplogroups, if your DNA data allows it. Discover this new feature.

Warlencourt British Cemetery, Warlencourt-Eaucourt, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. október 5., hétfő 1:00:58

Warlencourt, the Butte de Warlencourt and Eaucourt-L'Abbaye were the scene of very fierce fighting in 1916. Eaucourt was taken by the 47th (London) Division early in October.

Are You Related To Gwen Stefani?

2020. szeptember 29., kedd 16:49:13

Gwen Renée Stefani was born on October 3, 1969, in Fullerton, California, and raised Catholic in nearby Anaheim, California.

Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-la-Boisselle, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. szeptember 25., péntek 1:00:25

On 1 July 1916, the first day of the Battle of the Somme, the 8th Division attacked Ovillers and the 34th Division La Boisselle. The villages were not captured, but ground was won between them and to the south of La Boisselle.

Scotland Digs Digital Campaign Brings Archaeological Discoveries from Lockdown Excavations Across Country to Life

2020. szeptember 23., szerda 23:21:52

Archaeological discoveries made across Scotland during the coronavirus lockdown have been brought to life by three digital artists.

Irish DNA Goes Back to Vikings as well as Niall of the Nine Hostages

2020. szeptember 23., szerda 23:20:21

A group of residents in County Mayo just discovered that they not only have the blood of an ancient high king but a little Viking too, thanks to a National Geographic study.

Sweden: Man Goes on Trial for 2004 Murder After DNA Matched to Genealogy Site

2020. szeptember 23., szerda 23:18:50

A 37-year-old Swedish man has gone on trial for double murder after two killings that went unsolved for more than 15 years until police matched his DNA on a popular genealogy website.

Library of Congress Launches New Tool to Search Historical Newspaper Images

2020. szeptember 23., szerda 23:17:24

More than 1.5 Million Historical Newspaper Images Now Discoverable Online with Newspaper Navigator.

Joe Biden Would Be The Fourth US President Descended from Irish Famine Migrants

2020. szeptember 23., szerda 23:16:10

Joe Biden could join the likes of Presidents Obama, Reagan, and Kennedy as heading into the Oval Office as a descendant of Irish Famine migrants.

World’s Largest DNA Sequencing of Viking Skeletons Reveals They Weren’t All Scandinavian

2020. szeptember 23., szerda 23:14:26

Invaders, pirates, warriors—the history books taught us that Vikings were brutal predators who travelled by sea from Scandinavia to pillage and raid their way across Europe and beyond.

Grandson of Warren G. Harding and Lover Wants President’s Body Exhumed

2020. szeptember 23., szerda 23:12:22

The grandson of U.S. President Warren G. Harding and his lover, Nan Britton, went to court in an effort to get the Republican’s remains exhumed from the presidential memorial where they have lain since 1927.

Geneanet DNA: The DNA Matches’ Levels of Accuracy Have Been Improved!

2020. szeptember 22., kedd 11:50:23

Over the last days, all the DNA matches have been recalculated and many new relationships have been found. We have also improved the DNA matches levels of accuracy.

London Cemetery and Extension, Longueval, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. szeptember 15., kedd 1:00:59

High Wood was fiercely fought over during the Battle of the Somme until cleared by 47th (London) Division on 15 September 1916. It was lost during the German advance of April 1918, but retaken the following August.

Download, Print and Share Your Geneanet Family Tree as a List

2020. szeptember 14., hétfő 1:00:56

On Geneanet, you can download, print and share your family tree in a number of charts and lists.

Are You Related To Debby Boone?

2020. szeptember 8., kedd 1:06:44

Debby Boone was born on September 22, 1956, in Hackensack, New Jersey, the third of four daughters born to singer-actor Pat Boone and Shirley Foley Boone, daughter of country music star Red Foley.

A Medieval Metropolis Existed In What’s Now St. Louis, Missouri, Then Mysteriously Disappeared in the 14th Century

2020. szeptember 8., kedd 0:03:37

In our current epoch of human history, when populations of major cities swell into the tens of millions, an urban center of 30,000 people doesn’t seem very impressive. 1,000 years ago, a city that size was larger than London or Paris, and sat atop what is now East St. Louis.

Cambridge Researchers Uncover 500-Year-Old Murder Mystery in Scrolls

2020. szeptember 7., hétfő 23:59:54

The story of a body hidden in an earthenware jar buried in a gravel pit is one of the extraordinary cases found by researchers uncovering the secrets of crime and punishment in the Isle of Ely.

Bois-Guillaume Communal Cemetery, Bois-Guillaume, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. szeptember 5., szombat 1:00:57

The two plots in the communal cemetery, which were reserved for Commonwealth burials from September 1914 to March 1917, contain 160 double graves.

Are You Related To Chrissie Hynde?

2020. szeptember 2., szerda 2:00:16

Hynde was born on September 7, 1951, in Akron, Ohio, the daughter of a part-time secretary and a Yellow Pages manager. She graduated from Firestone High School in Akron, but stated that “I was never too interested in high school. I mean, I never went to a dance, I never went out on a date, […]

Geneanet Weekend ‘A Cemetery for Posterity’, September 12-13, 2020

2020. szeptember 2., szerda 1:00:00

On September 12-13, 2020, take pictures of graves in a nearby cemetery. Because cemeteries are one of the most important resources for genealogists, Geneanet has launched the project ‘A Cemetery for Posterity’ to capture headstones before they are lost. On September 12-13, 2020, we will need you to photograph as many graves as possible worldwide […]

Petition Launched To Get 1926 Irish Census Online by 2022

2020. szeptember 1., kedd 11:52:21

The Council of Irish Genealogical Organizations (CIGO) launched an online petition calling on the Government of Ireland to honor the commitment given in the 2011 Program for Government to release the 1926 Census of Ireland.

Over 600 Unmarked Graves Discovered Beneath The Surface of Historic Charlottesville, Virginia, Cemetery

2020. szeptember 1., kedd 11:48:23

For years, a great deal of mystery surrounded the Daughters of Zion Cemetery in Charlottesville. Now, a new radar survey by NAEVA Geophysics shows more people are buried there than originally thought.

Hungary: Countless Historical Maps Made Available Online by National Széchényi Library

2020. szeptember 1., kedd 11:45:17

The National Széchényi Library is launching a new digital service called “Földabrosz.” Their ever-expanding database now contains nearly a thousand domestic and foreign maps printed before 1850.

How a Designer Used AI and Photoshop To Bring Ancient Roman Emperors Back To Life

2020. augusztus 27., csütörtök 15:42:19

Machine learning is a fantastic tool for renovating old photos and videos. So much so that it can even bring ancient statues to life, transforming the chipped stone busts of long-dead Roman emperors into photorealistic faces you could imagine walking past on the street.

Tens of Thousands of Prison Portraits Captured in 15 Australian Jails Over 50 Years: ‘Portraits of Crime’ Now in Remarkable Digital Archive

2020. augusztus 27., csütörtök 13:54:21

In recent years the NSW State Archives digitised 46,000 images and collated them in an exhibition titled Captured: Portraits of Crime.

Remains Dug from Japan Mass Grave Suggest Epidemic in 1800s

2020. augusztus 27., csütörtök 13:49:01

Archaeologists have dug up the remains of more than 1,500 people, many of them believed to have died in an epidemic, who were buried in a 19th century mass grave that is being excavated for a city development project in Osaka in western Japan.

Medieval Texts Reveal False Royal Navy Origins

2020. augusztus 27., csütörtök 13:46:15

Alfred the Great, King of Wessex from 871 and King of the Anglo-Saxons from 886 to 899, is widely touted as establishing England's first Royal fleet but research led by Flinders Medieval Studies Ph.D. candidate Matt Firth has found evidence that the Anglo-Saxons' first recorded naval victory occurred 20 years before Alfred was crowned King of Wessex and 24 years before his first recorded naval victory.

Searching for America’s 1930s Post Office Murals – a Photo Essay

2020. augusztus 27., csütörtök 13:41:39

Photographer Justin Hamel stumbled on a Great Depression-era mural one day in a New York post office, and was intrigued to learn there are 1,200 of them across the country.

Steve Bannon’s Irish Ancestors Arrived to US after Great Hunger

2020. augusztus 27., csütörtök 13:37:37

Raised in a "blue-collar, Irish Catholic, pro-Kennedy" family, Bannon's great-great-grandfather arrived to the United States in 1850.

Online Slave Registers from Curaçao Allow Descendants To Find Ancestors

2020. augusztus 27., csütörtök 13:34:50

The National Archive of the Netherlands is putting the names of 21,000 people who lived as slaves in the former Dutch colony of Curaçao online, enabling their descendants to find out about their ancestors.

Norfolk Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. augusztus 25., kedd 1:00:10

The cemetery was begun by the 1st Norfolks in August 1915 and used by other units (including the 8th Norfolks) until August 1916.

In Search of US Descendants to Ireland’s Great Famine Bride Orphans

2020. augusztus 18., kedd 14:16:06

Mountbellew Workhouse Orphan Girls Project's search for descendants of Tully sisters and others, from Galway, in the US.

150 Jewish Gravestones Uprooted by the Nazis Found in Polish Town

2020. augusztus 18., kedd 14:02:33

More than 150 Jewish gravestones have been unearthed during construction work in the Polish town of Lezajsk in recent months, in what is thought to be the biggest such discovery in years.

Thousands of Rare Artifacts Discovered Beneath Tudor Manor’s Attic Floorboards

2020. augusztus 18., kedd 13:56:45

While most of England was on lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, archaeologist Matt Champion was working solo at Oxburgh Hall, a moated Tudor mansion in Norfolk.

Explore Dorothea Lange’s Iconic Photos With These Online Exhibitions

2020. augusztus 18., kedd 13:52:32

In 1936, photographer Dorothea Lange made headlines with her stunning portrait of Florence Owens Thompson, a 32-year old pea picker in Nipomo, California. The image—known as Migrant Mother—brought national attention to the plight of migrant workers and eventually became one of the most recognizable symbols of the Great Depression.

Are You Related To Kacey Musgraves?

2020. augusztus 18., kedd 13:25:28

Kacey Lee Musgraves was born August 21, 1988, in Golden, Texas, to Craig and Karen (née Abrams) Musgraves. Craig is the owner of a small printing business, M-Prints Printing, Inc., in Carthage, Texas, and Karen Musgraves is an artist.

Geneanet: Find New Relatives with Your DNA

2020. augusztus 17., hétfő 1:00:00

With Geneanet DNA, let's build the first European DNA database together

Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. augusztus 15., szombat 1:00:36

Flatiron Copse was the name given by the army to a small plantation a little to the east of Mametz Wood. The ground was taken by the 3rd and 7th Divisions on 14 July 1916 and an advanced dressing station was established at the copse.

Royal Rivalry: How King Henry VIII ‘Called for Head of Meghan Markle’s Ancestor’

2020. augusztus 7., péntek 14:13:24

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may be happily married, but the Duke's ancestor, King Henry VIII, once demanded that one of the Duchess' forefathers be beheaded.

DNA from an Ancient, Unidentified Ancestor Was Passed Down to Humans Living Today

2020. augusztus 7., péntek 14:09:51

A new analysis of ancient genomes suggests that different branches of the human family tree interbred multiple times, and that some humans carry DNA from an archaic, unknown ancestor.

After Spending Rs 24 Million on New Facility, Fate of Nepal National Library Is Still Uncertain

2020. augusztus 7., péntek 14:06:24

After the building that housed Nepal National Library was damaged in the 2015 quake, many books and manuscripts are stored at Mahendra Bhawan School in Sanogaucharan.

‘Just nuts’: Australian Historian Decries Archives Merger Proposal

2020. augusztus 7., péntek 14:01:56

Sydney cultural custodians are divided over a Berejiklian government plan to merge the State Archives with the authority responsible for some of the city's best-known historic properties.

Tracing your Irish ancestry – The Caulfield Clan

2020. augusztus 7., péntek 13:58:25

The name Caulfield is one about which much confusion arises but its long history starts in the Irish region of Connaught.

Tracing your Irish ancestry – The Smith Clan

2020. augusztus 7., péntek 13:56:03

Interested in the history behind your Irish family name? Find out more about the Smith clan.

Over 700 Volumes of Genealogy Records Added to National Archives of Malta Collection

2020. augusztus 7., péntek 13:53:19

The Letard-Ciantar collection of around 700 volumes and hundreds of loose documents of dates of birth notes, deaths, contracts, notarial deeds, benefits, legacies, wills and concessions on titles of Maltese and Gozo nobility has been added to the National Archives collection.

Dartmoor Cemetery, Becordel-Becourt, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. augusztus 5., szerda 1:00:35

Dartmoor Cemetery was begun (as Becordel-Becourt Military Cemetery) in August 1915 and was used by the battalions holding that part of the line.