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genealogyblog – Geneanet

Some Changes in The Geneanet Family Tree Menu

2020. március 30., hétfő 15:41:25

The Geneanet family tree menu has a lot of options but they were not visible enough. We have made some changes so you can now easily find all of these options.

Last Survivor of Transatlantic Slave Trade Discovered

2020. március 26., csütörtök 10:14:30

Hannah Durkin, at Newcastle University, had previously identified the last surviving slave captured in Africa in the 19th Century and brought to United States as a woman called Redoshi Smith, who died in 1937.

When London Faced a Pandemic—And a Devastating Fire

2020. március 26., csütörtök 10:11:01

In 1665 and 1666, one city experienced two enormous tragedies: the Great Plague of London and the Great Fire of London.

French Descendants of Detroit Founder Visit City

2020. március 24., kedd 15:37:41

Theo and Jean Laumet grew up hearing stories of their family ties to the man who founded Detroit and inspired the Cadillac brand.

A 40,000-Mile Journey Was Nothing for This 19th-Century Female Explorer

2020. március 24., kedd 15:29:43

Harriet Chalmers Adams traversed Latin America on horseback, retraced Columbus’ route, and was the only female journalist allowed on the French frontlines of WWI.

RootsTech 2020 Attendees Share Their Experience with Geneanet

2020. március 19., csütörtök 17:57:17

Geneanet was at RootsTech 2020, the world's largest genealogy conference.

Are You Related To Reese Witherspoon?

2020. március 18., szerda 8:49:56

Witherspoon was born on March 22, 1976 at Southern Baptist Hospital, in New Orleans, Louisiana, while her father, Dr. John Draper Witherspoon, was a student at Tulane University medical school.

The U.S. National Archives Just Digitized Hundreds of World War I-Era Military Films

2020. március 17., kedd 15:53:56

Film footage shot at the outset of World War I is surprisingly crisp, even by today's standards -- not bad for a technology that was barely 20 years old at the time. Now, you can watch these old film reels for free.

Birmingham, England, HS2 Work Unearths 1837 Railway Turntable

2020. március 17., kedd 15:51:30

HS2 work has unearthed a Robert Stephenson-designed railway turntable in Birmingham. Excavations at the former Curzon Street station, which is set to be a new station for HS2, exposed the structure thought to date from 1837.

Traces of 18th-Century Glass Factory Uncovered in Scotland

2020. március 17., kedd 15:48:05

Fascinating remnants of Leith's glass-making past are being uncovered as preparatory works to construct a new residential development gather steam.

Archaeologists Uncover Alcohol Bottles at Tasmanian Convict Site

2020. március 17., kedd 15:43:30

Archaeologists have uncovered hundreds of convict-era artefacts in the structural remains of convicts' solitary cells in Tasmania.

Previously Unknown Thomas Jefferson Letter Surfaces

2020. március 17., kedd 15:38:11

A previously unknown letter by Thomas Jefferson has surfaced, offering a glimpse into the Founding Father’s desire to drive innovation.

Scottish Storms Unearth 1,500-Year-Old Viking-Era Cemetery

2020. március 17., kedd 15:35:08

Powerful storms on the Orkney Islands in the far north of Scotland recently exposed ancient human bones in a Pictish and Viking cemetery dating to almost 1,500 years ago.

Upload Your Pictures To Geneanet With Your GEDCOM File!

2020. március 16., hétfő 0:00:00

With Geneanet Upload, import your family pictures and archival records with your GEDCOM file, and easily update your family tree.

Bully-Grenay Communal Cemetery, British Extension, Bully-les-Mines, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. március 15., vasárnap 0:00:59

Bully-Grenay is the name of the railway station (on the main Hazebrouck-Arras line) serving this village and Grenay, but the double name was generally applied to the village and the communal cemetery of Bully by the troops. The French Extension was made by French troops on the west side of the communal cemetery, and Commonwealth […]

Father and Four-Year-Old Son Find Ancient Human Remains While Biking in Washington State

2020. március 10., kedd 13:48:46

On January 14, Matt Kiddle and his four-year-old son were biking on the Olympic Discovery Trail near Port Angeles, Washington when they found human remains: a dark brown skull and mandible, reports the Peninsula Daily News’ Paul Gottlieb. Initially concerned that they had stumbled upon the remains of a missing person, Kiddle called the authorities, […]

Bones Unearthed in English Church Likely Belong to Seventh-Century Saint

2020. március 10., kedd 13:46:40

When workers excavating the Church of St. Mary and St. Eanswythe found a lead container filled with bones in 1885, locals suspected they belonged to the Anglo-Saxon saint whose name the Kent parish bears. Now, archaeologists have all but confirmed this theory, using radiocarbon testing to date the remains to the middle of the seventh […]

In New Jersey, 313-Year-Old House Built Nearly 70 Years Before the Revolutionary War is For Sale — See Inside!

2020. március 10., kedd 13:43:59

A home that has survived every single U.S. president just hit the market! The Van Buskirk Home in Saddle River, New Jersey, was originally built in 1707 — 68 years before the start of the American Revolution — and was recently listed with Christie’s International Real Estate for $2.1 million. According to, the property […]

Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. március 5., csütörtök 0:00:15

The cemetery was started in August 1915. In 1916 it was taken over by the 16th (Irish) Division, who held the Loos Salient at the time, and many of their dead were brought back to the cemetery from the front line. Succeeding divisions used the cemetery until October 1918, and men of the same Division, […]

Guess Which Famous Irish Singer Is Related To Kate Middleton

2020. március 3., kedd 21:36:57

BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are genealogists unearthed the fact that Kate Middleton and Chris de Burgh have a family connect, via William Fairfax, a 16th-century nobleman. Family researchers, in 2017, uncovered a link between the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Irish-British singer Chris de Burgh, who is most famous for his hit […]

Are You Related To Nancy Wilson?

2020. március 3., kedd 20:51:00

Nancy Lamoureaux Wilson was born on March 16, 1954, in San Francisco, California, the third and youngest child of John Wilson (d. 2000), from Corvallis, Oregon, and Lois Mary Wilson (née Dustin; d. 2006), a native of Oregon City. Her middle name is derived from her grandmother, Beatrice Lamoureaux. Wilson is of French and Scottish […]

Ancient DNA from Sardinia Reveals 6,000 Years of Genetic History

2020. március 3., kedd 13:15:16

A new study of the genetic history of Sardinia, a Mediterranean island off the western coast of Italy, tells how genetic ancestry on the island was relatively stable through the end of the Bronze Age, even as mainland Europe saw new ancestries arrive. The study further details how the island’s genetic ancestry became more diverse […]

Disregarded Manuscript Proves Major Find

2020. március 3., kedd 13:12:59

It is a 16th-century manuscript with beautiful illustrations that had been overlooked for years in Manchester University’s library, obscured by a catalogue description that was unlikely to arouse any interest: “German MS.2”. Next month, it will be exhibited for the first time in more than 450 years as a major discovery linked to the workshop […]

Secret Doorway in Parliament of the United Kingdom Leads To Historical Treasure Trove

2020. március 3., kedd 13:07:31

A forgotten passageway used by prime ministers and political luminaries – and closed up by Victorian labourers – has been uncovered in Parliament. Historians working on the renovation of the House of Commons found the lost 360-year-old passageway, hidden in a secret chamber. The doorway was created for the coronation of Charles II, in 1660, […]

Anonymous No More: Combining Genetics with Genealogy To Identify The Dead in Unmarked Graves

2020. február 26., szerda 10:53:54

In Quebec, gravestones did not come into common use until the second half of the 19th century, so historical cemeteries contain many unmarked graves. Inspired by colleagues at Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra University, a team of researchers in genetics, archaeology and demography from three Quebec universities (Université de Montréal, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi and Université […]

The Untold Stories of Belgium’s Female Resistance During World War I

2020. február 26., szerda 10:51:03

The statue commemorating Gabrielle Petit, the young Belgian woman who spied on the German military during World War I and was executed in 1916, stands on Place Saint-Jean, in the heart of Brussels’ city centre. Petit is represented holding her chin up in a defiant last stand. “I have just been condemned to death, I […]

Melissa Leo to Star in Fox Crime Drama ‘Blood Relative’

2020. február 26., szerda 10:47:41

The Oscar and Emmy winner will topline Blood Relative, a crime drama centered on a genetic genealogist. Her involvement lifts a cast contingency on the pilot, a co-production of Paramount Television Studios, Anonymous Content and Fox Entertainment. Based on a 2018 Cleveland Scene article by James Renner, the drama will center on Leo’s Louise Kelly, […]

Mass Grave Shows the Black Death’s ‘Catastrophic’ Impact in Rural England

2020. február 26., szerda 10:41:39

In the summer of 1348, the Black Death arrived in southwest England. The deadly disease rapidly swept through the country, ultimately killing between one-third and one-half of its population. Now, a team of researchers writing in the journal Antiquity has revealed new details about a mass grave of probable Black Death victims buried in the […]

The Oldest Company in Almost Every Country (That is Still in Business)

2020. február 26., szerda 10:32:55

To survive in the big bad world of business, you need staying power. We wanted to know which businesses around the world have stood the test of time and were the oldest in their respective countries. Behind the dates and finances, we found fascinating stories that illuminate the histories of each continent. Located in the […]

Vermelles British Cemetery, Vermelles, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. február 25., kedd 0:00:39

Vermelles was in German hands from the middle of October 1914 to the beginning of December 1914, when it was recaptured by the French. The cemetery was begun in August 1915 (though a few graves are slightly earlier), and during the Battle of Loos, when the Chateau was used as a dressing station, Plot I […]

New FamilySearch Records Added To Geneanet

2020. február 24., hétfő 11:34:39

Some new FamilySearch records have been added to Geneanet: • Spain, Province of Gerona, Municipal Records, 1566-1956: 600,000 entries added • France, Death, 1546-1960: 900,000 entries added • Germany, Mecklenburg-Schwerin Census, 1900: 3 million entries added • Belgium, Antwerp Police Immigration Index, 1840-1930: 800,000 entries added • Sweden Marriages, 1630-1920: 8 million entries added • […]

Are You Related To Dakota Fanning?

2020. február 19., szerda 0:29:21

Dakota Fanning was born on February 23, 1994, in Conyers, Georgia. She attended a Montessori School in Covington. Her mother, Heather Joy (née Arrington), played tennis professionally, and her father, Steven J. Fanning, played minor league baseball and now works as an electronics salesman in Los Angeles, California. Her maternal grandfather is former American football […]

Old Irish ‘Clachan’ Found in South Australia

2020. február 18., kedd 22:55:43

The oldest known Australian example of a communal type of Irish settlement has been ‘unearthed’ in a dusty paddock in rural South Australia. An extensive geophysical study of the Baker’s Flat Irish settlement site near Kapunda has found the first—and possibly largest—clachan in Australia, says Flinders archaeologist Susan Arthure whose Ph.D. investigations of Irish history […]

Stunning 14th Century Medieval Chapel Is Uncovered in County Durham 370 Years after It Was Destroyed in The Wake of The English Civil War

2020. február 18., kedd 22:52:29

A stunning 14th century medieval chapel gas been uncovered in County Durham, 370 years after it was destroyed in the wake of the First English Civil War. Part of Auckland Castle, the remains of the long lost place of worship — Bek’s Chapel — were uncovered with the help of staff and students from Durham […]

Wall Made of Human Bones and Skulls that Dates Back 500 Years Ago Is Unearthed by Archaeologists at a Belgian Cathedral

2020. február 18., kedd 22:48:21

A gruesome scene has been discovered at a Belgian cathedral – a wall made entirely of human bones. The 500-year-old partition was uncovered at Saint-Bavo in the city of Ghent, which is constructed of thigh and shin bones from adults, with skulls placed in spaces of the structure. Experts believe the bones were removed from […]

Geneanet launches a new service, Geneanet DNA

2020. február 17., hétfő 9:52:52

With Geneanet DNA, let's build the first European DNA database together

Quarry Cemetery, Vermelles, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. február 15., szombat 0:00:58

Quarry Cemetery was used from July 1915 to June 1916, and (for two burials) in August 1917. Its existence is due chiefly to the fighting at Fosse 8 and at the Hohenzollern Redoubt, and it contains many graves of the dismounted Cavalry who occupied this sector in 1915-16. The cemetery, was severely damaged by shell […]

Oscar Win Leads Thousands of Icelanders to Genealogical Site

2020. február 14., péntek 9:08:45

Nearly 3,000 Icelanders have visited Íslendingabó – a database containing genealogical information about the inhabitants of Iceland – to examine their kinship with composer Hildur Guðnadóttir, Mbl reports. Hildur became the first Icelander to win an Oscar on Sunday, February 9, for her original score for the film Joker. In response to an inquiry from […]

How Two 1950s Kids Playing on the Railroad Tracks Found a National Treasure

2020. február 14., péntek 8:14:45

In 1959, the Smithsonian Institution received a letter from Mrs. James “Shirley C.” Wade offering to sell a linen banner bearing an ink portrait of the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson. An eagle carried the Jefferson portrait victoriously aloft framed in a halo of seven-pointed stars. From the bird’s beak streamed a […]

Nearly 100 Years After Tulsa Massacre, City Plans to Search Cemetery for Victims

2020. február 9., vasárnap 14:59:08

Archaeologists plan to excavate part of a cemetery in Tulsa, Okla., to see if it holds the remains of black residents slaughtered by white mobs during a massacre in 1921. The mayor said Wednesday it was an “unprecedented” step to address one of the worst instances of racist violence in American history, an episode that […]

9,900-Year-Old Mexican Female Skeleton Distinct from Other Early American Settlers

2020. február 9., vasárnap 14:57:03

A new skeleton discovered in the submerged caves at Tulum sheds new light on the earliest settlers of Mexico, according to a study published February 5, 2020 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Wolfgang Stinnesbeck from Universität Heidelberg, Germany. Humans have been living in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula since at least the Late Pleistocene (126,000-11,700 […]

Rare Medieval Priest Burial Discovered at Lincoln Cathedral, England

2020. február 9., vasárnap 13:40:36

A rare medieval priestly burial was among over 50 burials unearthed by archaeologists at Lincoln Cathedral. One of the many complete skeletons found is believed to be that of a medieval priest, who had been buried in the area that is now the building’s West Parvis. The priest had been carefully buried with a pewter […]

Lievin Communal Cemetery Extension, Lievin, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. február 5., szerda 0:00:31

The Extension was made after the Armistice by the concentration of graves from the battlefields North and South of Lens and from certain smaller cemeteries, including:- ACHEVILLE ROAD CEMETERY, VIMY, 800 metres East of the village, in which were buried 30 soldiers from Canada and three from the United Kingdom who fell in April and […]

Are You Related To Laura Dern?

2020. február 4., kedd 11:25:54

A few days ago, Laura Dern won BAFTA 2020 Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Marriage Story, the same award her mother Diane Ladd won back in 1974. Dern was born on February 10, 1967, in Los Angeles, California, the daughter of actors Diane Ladd and Bruce Dern, and great-granddaughter of former Utah governor […]

King George III of the United Kingdom’s Vast Collection of Military Maps Goes Online

2020. február 4., kedd 10:42:49

George III may never have left the south of England or fought on a battlefield, but he explored the world through a vast collection of military maps that are now being made available online, offering extraordinary insight into the art of warfare and mapping. Highlights include two-metre-wide maps of the American War of Independence. Known […]

You May Have More Neanderthal DNA Than You Think

2020. február 4., kedd 10:39:48

A new model upends old assumptions, revealing more Neanderthal ancestry for both modern Africans and Europeans than once thought. Some 60,000 years ago, a wave of early humans ventured out of Africa, spreading to every other corner of the world. These travelers were met by a landscape of hominins vastly different from those they left […]

Nebraska-Led Project Digitizes 1960s Activism Artifacts

2020. február 4., kedd 10:35:00

Mention the 1960s, and a few things are top of mind — activism, war, counterculture, protests — and Roz Payne, a filmmaker, photographer and activist herself, was often in the center of it all. Now, much of her work from the 1960s is available online, through the Roz Payne Sixties Archive, a project spearheaded by […]

Discover the Geneanet Matches

2020. február 3., hétfő 0:00:48

Easily find additional information and quickly grow your your family tree. • In your ancestry: Compare your direct ancestry with the Geneanet database and grow your family tree. • Relationships: Are you related to another Geneanet member? Find relationships between you and the root of other family trees available on Geneanet. • Famous people: Are […]

How Serbian Immigrants Made an Ohio Town the ‘Fried Chicken Capital of the World’

2020. január 31., péntek 2:15:24

You can only try pahovana piletina in two places. One is Vojvodina, Serbia, where the unique style of fried chicken was born. The other is Ohio, where “Barberton-style fried chicken,” as it’s known there, became one small town’s claim to fame. What started as a comforting meal for an immigrant family came to define a […]

Suspected ‘Witch Bottle’ Full of Nails Found in Virginia

2020. január 30., csütörtök 23:54:16

In 2016, archaeologists excavating sections of a southern Virginia interstate unearthed dinnerware and a brick hearth at a Civil War encampment called Redoubt 9. Near the hearth, they found a blue glass bottle made in Pennsylvania between 1840 and 1860. Eerily, the vessel was filled with nails. At first, the team didn’t know what to […]

Stolen Copy of Christopher Columbus Letter Recovered

2020. január 30., csütörtök 23:50:25

After arriving in the Americas, Christopher Columbus penned a letter about his find to Spain’s King Ferdinand, a letter that would later be published to spread the news throughout Europe. For the fourth time in the past four years, federal agents and attorneys in Delaware have recovered a stolen copy of that historic letter, now […]

Historic Archives of Collapsed Thomas Cook Set To Leave Peterborough

2020. január 30., csütörtök 23:43:05

The archives that were for years stored in the Thomas Cook offices in Bretton and more recently at Lynch Wood have been sold to the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland. The record office, which is run by Leicestershire County Council with Leicester City Council and Rutland County Council, secured the right to house […]

UK National Archives To Trial 12-Document Limit per Day for Visitors, as Academics Warn Research Could Be Affected

2020. január 30., csütörtök 23:32:04

The UK National Archives have provoked outcry from academics by announcing a new trial restricting readers to 12 documents a day, despite concerns it may add “huge expense” to research. Visitors have traditionally been able to browse as many documents as required from the vast repository in Kew, west London, which holds records spanning more […]

Dud Corner Cemetery, Loos-en-Gohelle, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. január 25., szombat 0:00:32

The name “Dud Corner” is believed to be due to the large number of unexploded enemy shells found in the neighbourhood after the Armistice. The only burials here during hostilities were those of four Officers of the 9th Black Watch and one Private of the 8th Royal Dublin Fusiliers, close to Plot III, Row B; […]

Are You Related To Ellen DeGeneres?

2020. január 21., kedd 8:21:54

DeGeneres was born on on January 26, 1958, in Metairie, Louisiana, to Elizabeth Jane (née Pfeffer, born 1930), a speech therapist, and Elliott Everett DeGeneres (c.1925–2018), an insurance agent. She has one brother, Vance, a musician and producer. She is of French, English, German, and Irish descent. She was raised as a Christian Scientist. In […]

Loos British Cemetery, Loos-en-Gohelle, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. január 15., szerda 0:00:49

The village has given its name to the battle of the 25th September – 8th October 1915, in which it was captured from the Germans by the 15th (Scottish) and 47th (London) Divisions, and defended by French troops on the 8th October. The cemetery was begun by the Canadian Corps in July 1917, and the […]

The Man Who Mapped The West, and The Wife Who Made Him Famous

2020. január 14., kedd 12:22:59

For a man who shows up in most biographies of Abraham Lincoln, histories of California, Civil War chronicles and accounts of pioneering the American West, John Frémont has remained a relatively minor player. There are a few biographies of him, but there hasn’t been anything like Steve Inskeep’s revelatory “Imperfect Union,” a fresh look that […]

The Faces of Some of Edinburgh’s Earliest Inhabitants Revealed

2020. január 14., kedd 12:14:59

The face of one of the earliest inhabitants of Edinburgh after its official establishment as a town has been revealed after painstaking detective work on the remains of bodies dug up beneath the Old Town. Forensic artists have joined forces with archaeologists to recreate the look of a man buried around 900 years ago. Source […]

Jersey’s Defiance Under Nazi Occupation Revealed in Records

2020. január 14., kedd 12:10:41

Stories of defiance by residents of Jersey during the Nazi occupation of their island have emerged in records of political prisoners published 75 years after the liberation. More than 500 islanders as young as 14 were taken into custody for offences such as daubing “V” for victory signs around the island, spreading anti-German propaganda, listening […]

The Massive Graveyard Found Underneath a London Underground Station When Crossrail Was Built

2020. január 14., kedd 11:18:23

For almost 500 years the bodies of 20,000 people lay undisturbed underneath the streets in the very heart of London. But this is a city that demands constant change and excavations at Liverpool Street station for the state-of-the-art Crossrail project uncovered the remains. The burial ground was mainly used for the city’s poorest inhabitants or […]

Seeking The Primrose Girls, 156 Irish Immigrants To Canada from Small Galway Town

2020. január 14., kedd 11:13:45

Can you help? Seeking descendants of the 156 Irish “Primrose girls” who emigrated to Canada, in 1853. A group of Irish amateur genealogists from a small Galway town are seeking to connect with descendants of 156 emigrants known as the “Primrose” girls after the name of the ship they sailed on to Canada in 1853. […]

Geneanet, a contributive, collaborative and freemium website

2020. január 8., szerda 15:19:53

We are still receiving feedback about the Geneanet model which combines a free website with a Premium subscription As this new year begins, it’s an opportunity to recall the basics of the Geneanet model and to answer some frequently asked questions. How Geneanet works? Geneanet is based on three cornerstones: contributive, collaborative and freemium. Geneanet […]

Are You Related To Pat Benatar?

2020. január 7., kedd 15:06:31

Pat Benatar was born Patricia Mae Andrzejewski on January 10, 1953, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York City. Her mother, Mildred (née Knapp) (1928–2016), was a beautician, and her father, Andrew Andrzejewski (in the Polish language: Andrzej Andrzejewski) (1926–2009), was a sheet-metal worker. Her father was of Polish descent and her mother was of German, English, […]

Some New Geneanet Features

2020. január 6., hétfő 0:00:52

Some new free Geneanet features have been released! These new features are about notifications, list of individuals in your family tree, and advanced search in your family tree.   Hide notifications You can now manually hide some of the notifications you have received by clicking the cross next to them. If you hide notifications about […]

Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial, near Fère-en-Tardenois, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2020. január 5., vasárnap 0:00:48

The Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial is an American military cemetery in northern France. Plots A through D contains the graves of 6,012 American soldiers who died while fighting in this vicinity during World War I, 597 of which were not identified, as well as a monument for 241 Americans who were missing in action […]

Archive Photos Show What Life in Vancouver Looked Like in The 1920s

2020. január 2., csütörtök 16:55:55

New Year’s Day, 2020: The sun shone for part of the day, the high was 12 C, and revellers took to social media to share how they rang in the next decade. Some speculated about what the year would bring, making resolutions and predictions about life in 2020. Photos from the City of Vancouver Archives […]

Idaho Cold Case of Outlaw Missing Since 1916 Solved by DNA, Genetic Genealogy

2020. január 2., csütörtök 16:51:35

DNA and genetic genealogy have helped investigators solve a century-old Idaho mystery. Outlaw Joseph Henry Loveless was killed and dismembered in 1916 and buried in a shallow grave in Buffalo Cave outside Dubois. At the time, Loveless was wanted for escaping from a jail where he was being held for killing his wife with an […]

DNA Analysis Revealed The Identity of 19th Century “Connecticut Vampire”

2020. január 2., csütörtök 16:48:52

Back in 1990, children playing near a gravel pit in Griswold, Connecticut, stumbled across a pair of skulls that had broken free of their graves in a 19th century unmarked cemetery. Subsequent excavation revealed 27 graves—including that of a middle-aged man identified only by the initials “JB55,” spelled out in brass tacks on his coffin. […]

These Are The Monks Who Still Preserve Ancient Texts Around The World

2019. december 31., kedd 11:04:46

In 1142, a powerful Benedictine abbot traveled to Spain. Known as Peter the Venerable for his wisdom, he ruled a federation of 600 monasteries from his base at the Abbey of Cluny in Burgundy. The journey across the Pyrenees was long, and his agenda was packed with kings, bishops, abbots and complex negotiations. Abbot Peter’s […]

Australian on Mission To Photograph Every Parish Church in England

2019. december 31., kedd 11:01:03

Many would consider it a niche hobby; others might reach for the word “obsessive”. There are some, Cameron Newham admits, who may consider him an “eccentric weirdo”. So how would he describe the remarkable ambition that he set for himself, more than two decades ago, to photograph, in detail, every parish church in England? “I […]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Identify Thousands of Unknown Civil War Soldiers

2019. december 26., csütörtök 23:04:52

Samuel Holmes Doten of Plymouth, Mass., was born June 5, 1812, so after the Civil War ended in 1865, he would joke that he “served in the infantry in the war of that date.” William Kendall Crossfield, a Peterborough, N.H. native, was having a rest during the battle of Fredericksburg when he was shot in […]

Bones Found in Monastery Atop ‘All-Male’ Mountain May Belong to a Woman

2019. december 26., csütörtök 23:01:37

A so-called all-male “holy mountain” in northern Greece has hosted Christian monasteries for nearly 2,000 years, with women strictly prohibited. But one woman may have somehow found a home there — at least in death. During a recent restoration in the Pantokratoros Monastery on Mount Athos, archaeologists unearthed bones under the chapel floor that were […]

Pictures of 4,400 Historic Kilkenny, Ireland, Shopfronts Added to Archive

2019. december 26., csütörtök 22:59:33

Thousands of historic photographs of Kilkenny’s many shopfronts have been made accessible thanks to a new initiative by the library service and Kilkenny County Council. The new online resource, ‘Kilkenny Shopfronts Through the Ages’ is now available on the library’s Kilkenny digital archive . It boasts around 4,400 photographs, which show the shopfronts in each […]

Mass Grave from 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Possibly Discovered

2019. december 26., csütörtök 22:55:35

A buried pit that could be a mass grave has been found in a cemetery in Tulsa, Oklahoma — and researchers think it could hold the bodies of black victims of a 1921 race massacre that was featured in the HBO television series “Watchmen.” The discovery could be of vital importance to an investigation being […]

Martinpuich British Cemetery, Martinpuich, France, Now Available on Geneanet

2019. december 25., szerda 0:00:02

Martinpuich was captured by the 15th (Scottish) Division on 15 September 1916, lost in April 1918, and retaken in August 1918. Martinpuich British Cemetery was begun in November 1916 and used by fighting units and field ambulances until June 1917, and again at the end of August 1918. In 1931 the bodies of ten soldiers […]