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How to Find Your Family History Genealogy Podcast

Episode 72 – Fabulous Photo Collection: Frith at Findmypast

2021. szeptember 22., szerda 2:38:39

In Elevenses with Lisa episode 72 Alex Cox of Findmypast joins Lisa Louise Cooke to discuss the exciting new Francis Firth Photographic Collection. Discover the scope of the collection and the best strategies for finding photos that will enrich your family history.   Watch Live: Thursday, September 23, 2021 at 11:00 am CT  (calculate your time […]


Episode 71 – Genealogy Organization and Work Flow that WORKS!

2021. szeptember 14., kedd 21:52:17

When you’re working on our genealogy, you’ve got data and records coming from all directions: websites, interviews, archives, downloadable documents, and more. Some of it you’re actively working on, some of it you need to save for later, and the rest has already been analyzed and is ready for archiving. This variety of data requires […]


Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 256 – Author Nathan Dylan Goodwin

2021. szeptember 9., csütörtök 23:27:01

Interview with Author Nathan Dylan Goodwin Author Nathan Dylan Goodwin (The Sterling Affair) joins Lisa Louise Cooke for a conversation about writing, DNA, Criminal Cold Cases, and his new book The Chester Creek Murders.   This audio comes from my YouTube video series Elevenses with Lisa episode 47. Listen to the Podcast Episode To Listen click the media […]


Episode 70 – Getting Started Using Evernote for Genealogy

2021. szeptember 7., kedd 18:14:21

Doing genealogy research generates a wide variety of research notes: typed and handwritten, audio, photos, video, and screenshots of information on websites. If you want one tool to pull together your current research projects, Evernote might just be the answer. In this video and article you’ll learn the role that Evernote can play, what it […]


Episode 69 Alice the Genealogist Parts 3 & 4 Online Productivity

2021. augusztus 30., hétfő 17:16:12

Video and Show Notes This week we’re going to revisit two more early episodes of Elevenses with Lisa that will help you be more productive and organized no matter what device you using for your genealogy research. I’m bringing these episodes out from behind the Premium Membership paywall and making them available for free this […]