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Genealogy GemsGenealogy Gems

How to Find Your Family History Genealogy Podcast

10 Questions to Rate Your Readiness for Genealogy Research Success

2021. január 18., hétfő 0:22:02

Elevenses with Lisa Episode 39 Show Notes Elevenses with Lisa is our little slice of heaven where friends get together for tea and talk about the thing that never fails to put a smile on our face: Genealogy! Are you ready for a year of successful genealogy? Learn how to develop an effective research plan, […]


A Cup of Christmas Tea with Tom Hegg

2020. december 28., hétfő 22:11:12

Elevenses with Lisa Episode 38 Show Notes Join me for an inspiring conversation with Tom Hegg, author of the New York Times best-selling book “A Cup of Christmas Tea”. Genealogists from around the world gathered together for this special live show to share a cup of tea and hear a story of the importance of […]


Provenance: The Story Behind Your Genealogy Records

2020. december 15., kedd 21:33:56

Elevenses with Lisa Episode 37 Show Notes There’s a very important story behind each one of your genealogy records. In this video and article we discuss why it’s critically important to understand the provenance of each record. We also talk about specific things to look for as you analyze their meaning. Great genealogy research requires a […]


Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 248

2020. december 9., szerda 18:26:48

Free Genealogy! You will find the complete show notes for the topic discussed in this episode at the show notes page here.  This episode is brought to you by: StoryWorth: Visit for $10 off. MyHeritageDNA In this episode we cover a plethora of strategies that will give you access to loads of free genealogy records and resources. We […]


The Best Way to Find Free Old Maps at

2020. december 8., kedd 18:55:36

Our ability to find our ancestors is rooted in two important pieces of information: the locations where they lived and the time frames in which they lived there. This means that old maps are essential to our genealogy research.   The good news is that there is an abundance of free digitized old maps available […]