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The Genealogue


News about genealogy. Commentary and archival information about genealogy from The New York Times.

Before You Spit in That Vial, Read This Book

2020. március 3., kedd 10:00:08

In “The Lost Family,” Libby Copeland considers the ramifications of consumer genetic testing.

Johni Cerny Dies at 76; Helped the Famous Find Their Roots

2020. február 22., szombat 22:02:27

Fascinated by family trees since childhood, she became, Henry Louis Gates Jr. said, “the proverbial dean of American genealogical research.”

Neanderthal Genes Hint at Much Earlier Human Migration From Africa

2020. január 31., péntek 21:06:28

Modern humans may have left the continent as long as 200,000 years ago, a new analysis suggests.

Ancient DNA from West Africa Adds to Picture of Humans’ Rise

2020. január 22., szerda 20:08:12

From a burial site in Cameroon, archaeologists recovered human genetic material dating as far back as 8,000 years.

Headless Body in Cave Is Identified as 1916 Ax Murder Suspect

2020. január 3., péntek 10:00:24

The case of Joseph Henry Loveless, who sawed his way out of jail in 1916, is among the oldest solved using genetic genealogy.

‘There’s No Going Back’

2019. december 27., péntek 11:00:15

How genetic databases are transforming policing and testing the limits of privacy.

What You’re Unwrapping When You Get a DNA Test for Christmas

2019. december 22., vasárnap 16:13:40

To what extent is giving a DNA test also a present for law enforcement?

The Catastrophist’s 2019 Tech Gift Guide

2019. december 18., szerda 18:07:11

Because nothing is just a gadget anymore.

Nearly 40 Years After College Student’s Stabbing Death, Genetic Records Lead to a Suspect

2019. december 17., kedd 3:56:38

A Colorado sheriff announced an arrest in the 1980 homicide of Helene Pruszynski, 21, who had been an intern at a Denver radio station.

Visiting the Relatives

2019. november 28., csütörtök 10:06:09

Custom heritage tours take people to see their great-grandfather’s Korean village or an ancestor’s castle in Germany.