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The Genealogue | Research your ancestry. Find your ancestors.

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Find Out If You Are Related To Anyone Famous at OneGreatFamily

2013. június 20., csütörtök 17:34:37

Are you a descendant of a notable character in history? Many families tell stories of a famous ancestor – a king or explorer, an actor or rogue – and a surprising number of these family legends turn out to be true. So how can you find out about your own ancestral celebrities? For many historical […]

Finding Ancestors in City Directories

2012. április 30., hétfő 12:46:59

Researching your ancestors can be a long and arduous task if you don’t know the best places to search or the right tools to use. Conventional methods of gaining information on people such as the newspaper might seem useful, but only if the person you are investigating is of enough significance to appear in the […]

Learning About Your Family, With Yearbooks

2012. április 25., szerda 11:27:22

Year Books offer us a great reminder of our days gone by. We can thumb through them before reunions to see who had the big hair, who was destined for sports greatness, and who the chess club elite were. They can also offer us a glimpse into our family history when we view year books […]

How Important are Vital Records for Your Genealogy Research

2012. március 29., csütörtök 14:08:44

Discovering the history of your origin is both an exciting and difficult journey to traverse. Sometimes the journey can produce interesting and enticing results, whilst others can unearth long and forgotten history that may have been better left lost. Regardless, there is an undeniable urge to pinpoint our past in order to establish our future, […]

How to Find Your Irish Ancestors – Part 2

2012. március 15., csütörtök 12:02:24

Go back to: How to find your Irish Ancestors – Part One On offer from online websites Retracing your history no longer has to be a hassle, when you have the Internet at your disposal, an invaluable tool in the human thrive for knowledge and understanding. When you want to learn of your Irish heritage […]

How to Find Your Irish Ancestors – Part 1

2012. március 14., szerda 14:28:06

Tracing your routes is becoming much more of a necessity in some families as heritage is slowly being lost and drowned out amongst the hustle and bustle of the technological boom, where the world is developing at such a pace that there is slowly becoming less space available. In this effort gather as much information […]

Mormon Genealogy Research – How to Get Started

2011. december 28., szerda 16:29:53

Genealogy has always been an important part of the Mormon faith. Because of the role that family history plays in the beliefs of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, a variety of resources are available to help individuals get started with their Mormon genealogy research. Step 1: Gather the Right Tools Accurate records […]

Ancestry DNA Testing: 10 Things You Need to Know

2011. december 23., péntek 15:47:51

Ancestry DNA testing is becoming a more and more popular component of genealogy research and has made it much easier for individuals to learn more about their family history. Before choosing an ancestry DNA test, there are a few things you should know. #1: DNA Testing Can’t Take the Place of Research While a genealogy […]

How to Complete a Family Tree Chart

2011. július 10., vasárnap 12:42:10

In the past, completing a family tree chart was a somewhat long and tedious process. Would-be genealogists could expect to spend long hours in the basements of libraries and record-keeping facilities, searching through dusty boxes for the names of long-dead relatives and recording their findings by hand in notebooks and binders. Luckily, the Internet has […]

How to Trace Your German Ancestry

2011. június 10., péntek 19:38:55

Germany has a more fragmented history than most nations; it first became recognized as a unified country in 1871, and before that was comprised of loosely associated kingdoms, cities, and private estates. This can make tracing German ancestry more difficult than it seems at first glance, as some records for individuals or families with Germanic […]